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3 Steps to Eco-Friendly Commercial Window Design


If you are adding more windows to your existing business to help bring in more natural sunlight, then you are already taking a great step toward conserving energy and helping the environment. When more natural light illuminates your building, you can reduce your reliance on electricity, which is often produced by burning fossil fuels which pollute the air. 

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Important Shower Design Mistakes to Avoid


A bathroom remodel is an involved - and expensive - process. A large aspect of your bathroom remodel is the shower stall. A custom shower is a beautiful addition to your bathroom.

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How to Design a Custom Mirror and Glass Wall Installation


You know all about the benefits of mirrors and glass for your décor. You add glass panels to your cabinetry to open up the façade and mirrors to the bathroom to reflect the light. However, when you're utilizing custom-cut mirrors and glass, you can get really creative.

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