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Important Shower Design Mistakes to Avoid

Shower in small white bathroom
A bathroom remodel is an involved - and expensive - process. A large aspect of your bathroom remodel is the shower stall. A custom shower is a beautiful addition to your bathroom. However, you need to plan well so that the shower facilitates your morning routines and also stands the test of time stylistically.
Avoid the following mistakes when designing your shower.

Not Planning Around Pipes

Your walk-in shower is the most water-intensive space in the bathroom. Therefore, when you're planning your shower, you want to ensure you have adequate piping. So as you're planning your shower placement, pay attention to where the existing pipes are.
Your existing bathroom will already have a soil stack, which is the wide pipe that carries away waste water. It should also have smaller pipes that direct water to the soil stack. Ideally, you want to place your new shower where the pipes are already in place. However, if you're moving the shower, make sure the smaller pipes reach the soil stack with the least amount of disruption.

Not Placing Studs Behind Supporting Walls

A shower stall consists of a surround, shower pan, shower head, and enclosure. Except for the shower pan, everything else gets installed to the wall. Of course, all of this material tends to be heavy. What's more, they're attached to the walls via heavy-duty screws.
All of that weight is too much for drywall. When you're deciding on a location for the shower stall, consider where the wall studs are. You'll want to orient the shower so that the glass enclosure can be affixed with the screws going into wall studs.

Planning Space Poorly

The shower stall is one of the most important areas of your bathroom. It's a high-use area. That said, you also often notice the shower stall first because it's a sizable vertical installation. Therefore, the shower stall somewhat drives the look of your bathroom. Therefore, you do want to keep wall studs and existing piping in mind, but you also want the shower to show well in your bathroom.
If you're designing a custom stall, you also want to take care of the space within the enclosure. The point of a custom stall means you can increase the space and lay it out for your preferences. Consider if you want a bench, increased storage, or some other amenities that will facilitate your bathing, and plan the space for them.

Getting Too Trendy With Choices

Certain trends, like multiple sprays, probably won't go out of style. Or if they do, you won't care because having a massage spray aimed at your back is worth it. That said, bathroom remodels are expensive. You're not going to want to undergo the time and expense again in the next few years. So you want to consider which trends will age well.
One trend that's not going to go out of style is glass shower enclosures. They're beautiful, but they're also subtle. The whole point of a glass shower enclosure is it recedes from the sightline, letting the beauty of the décor shine through. Speaking of that beauty - color choices and fads in tile work are where you don't want to get too trendy.

Adhering to Curbed Shower Design

A curbed shower isn't really a mistake. Shower pans with curbs are practical because they're prefabricated and keep the water where it's supposed to stay - inside the shower stall.
However, in the vein of not having to remodel again for a long time, consider curbless shower design. With a curbless shower, the designer omits the curbed shower pan and designs the floor so it directs the water toward a drain. The big advantage is there's no curb to stub toes on. Such a design is ideal as the years pass and stepping over the curb starts to be a challenge.
With careful planning, your shower stall will be the star of your bathroom. Let Kenny Glass construct a beautiful shower glass enclosure as part of your bathroom remodel.
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