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How to Design a Custom Mirror and Glass Wall Installation

Wall Glass Installation
You know all about the benefits of mirrors and glass for your décor. You add glass panels to your cabinetry to open up the façade and mirrors to the bathroom to reflect the light. However, when you're utilizing custom-cut mirrors and glass, you can get really creative. Design a uniquely beautiful wall installation out of mirror and glass.

Choose the Wall

Your first step will be choosing a wall for the installation. Naturally, it needs to be big enough to accommodate the piece you have in mind. Likewise, it should be near a source of natural or artificial light, so it has something to reflect into the room.
If you are incorporating a lot of mirrors, you also want to keep in mind what else is being reflected. You'll want the installation to be across from something attractive, such as a light fixture or artwork.

Decide on the Size

Classic design principles state your artwork should be in scale with the rest of the room. If it's too big, the artwork will overpower the space. As Home and Garden TV points out, mirrors that are too small will result in the installation getting lost.
That said, you can play around with proportions a little bit. For example, if your wall is wide, you might decide on a narrow installation that stretches from floor to ceiling. Likewise, since your installation will be of glass and mirrors, reflection plays a big part of the effect. A small installation could be sufficient if it's reflecting something boldly colored or patterned.

Consider Styles

Mirrors, and especially glass, are mainstays of modern style. They present clear lines and manmade materials, which are hallmarks of the style.
However, mirrors and glass can be customized to produce different effects. For example, antiquing mirrors creates a retro, sometimes glamorous appeal. Frosted glass can look contemporary or even traditional, depending on the pattern.

Devise a Shape

Glass and mirrors can be custom-cut into almost any shape. If you're looking into a single piece, you could devise a shape that works with the rest of your décor. For example, you could add an oversized oval mirror to echo classical arches in your room. Or you can have a frosted glass panel installed that complements the style of your décor.
You can get even more artistic if you're considering multiple mirrors. For instance, some designers like to hang a series of mirrored tiles as a wall installation. You could choose antiqued mirrors to minimize the glare or even staggered mirrors to break up the view.
With glass, you might consider three-dimensional effects. So, you might have an organic shape full of curves in mind. Your installation could consist of stacks of curves that jut out while creating the freeform shape on the wall.

Consider Utility

Your art installation doesn't have to be completely decorative. If you're open to having the mirrors or glass jut out from the wall, parts of the installation can serve as shelving. You should give some foresight to this approach and consider what you want to place on the shelving. The décor items should further the design of your wall installation.

Illuminate the Installation

Beyond locating the artwork so that it reflects light already in the room, you'll want to illuminate the installation itself. One way is with track or recessed lighting trained directly onto the piece. This setup works if you want a subtle lighting effect, especially for more traditional styles.
If your installation is mod, consider incorporating LED lights to add a layer of light to the artwork's beauty. The LED lights can recede into the background, so they simply illuminate the glass and mirrors. Conversely, you could add tracks of lights to the wall as part of the artwork.
Don't leave an empty wall blank - beautify it with an installation of custom-cut mirrors and glass. Consult with Kenny Glass for ideas on how to approach this unique piece of art.

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