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From Windows to Mirrors: Adding Glass to Your Bathroom

Glass is a prime material for the bathroom. It's nonporous, which makes it resistant to staining and bacteria. This quality also makes glass relatively easy to clean - a daily wipe down and weekly wash are usually sufficient to keep the glass shiny.
That's another prime quality of glass - its reflective nature. Glass naturally reflects light back into a space, giving the room an airy and bright ambience.
The following are several ways you can add more glass into your bathroom's design.
Bay Window
Adding a bay window is a common remodel job. You may think of a bay window more in terms of a kitchen or living room, but it can be a useful addition to the bathroom as well. For one, bay windows add more windows to your room, which increases the natural light. You can also add side shelving for increased storage.
The big advantage of adding a bay window is the increased real estate. This can be a prime spot for locating your bathtub. The bay creates a tucked-away spot that's ideal for relaxing in a tub, especially if you have pretty views outside your window. If privacy is a concern, you can choose frosted glass or add sheer window treatments.

Glass Door

Some bathrooms open up to a deck. This is especially useful if you have a hot tub since towels and a rinse off area will be conveniently located in the bathroom. Many homeowners simply have a standard door installed at the exit.
Another option, though, is installing a glass door. This can be a standard frame with a large glass panel. However, if you want to open up the bathroom to the deck, you could have a sliding glass door installed. The increased glass allows in even more natural light. On the practical side, the sliding glass makes air control easier.
Depending on the layout of your master suite, an interior sliding glass door may also make sense. Such a construction creates a sense of unity while still allowing you to close off the bedroom to steam. If you have a lot of windows in the bedroom, this is also a good way to let more natural light into the bathroom.

Glass Shower Enclosure

Walk-in showers are one of the most popular styles. Construction-wise, they're very practical because you can fit them into almost any space.
Most homeowners choose glass for the enclosure material, though some incorporate tile and other wall materials. Full glass enclosures can be prefabricated or custom, depending on your space.
When choosing a glass shower enclosure, you'll need to pick between framed or frameless. Framed enclosures are held together with metal rims around the panes, which allows contractors to use a lighter grade of glass. With frameless enclosures, contractors use a heavy duty glass because the panes are held together with discreet hardware.
Glass doors and walls are another enclosure option. If your shower is tucked into a corner, a simple swinging or sliding glass door construction may be sufficient. Conversely, if you have a large space for your walk-in shower, Better Homes and Gardens suggests having door-less walls constructed. Fashioned out of floor-to-ceiling glass, these walls really open up your shower space.

Custom Mirrors

If light reflection is a goal, then you might as well choose something designed to actually reflect - mirrors. Bathroom mirrors can move well beyond the simple medicine cabinet door. Indeed, the mirror can provide the focal point for your vanity, and even for your whole bathroom.
Likewise, you may have other areas you can use to add a mirror to your bathroom, such as a wall which is perpendicular to a window. The mirror will catch the light from the window and reflect it into the bathroom without creating a glare.
With any mirror, the key is to choose a style that matches the rest of your décor. So if you have a modern bathroom, you should look for styles that utilize clear geometry and minimalist framing. The opposite is true if you have a historical or glam-style bathroom.
Utilize the natural properties of glass to enhance the beauty and function of your bathroom. Talk to the glass experts at Kenny Glass Inc. about ways to customize your bathroom with more glass.