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Factors Affecting the Proportion of a Custom Bathroom Mirror

A bathroom with custom mirror
The bathroom is one of the most important areas for putting a mirror because that is where you do a lot of your grooming. That said, you also want your bathroom and its custom mirror to be stylish. One way to ensure your bathroom mirror is attractive within the décor is to adhere to the design principle of proportion.

Learn about the different factors that influence the proportion of a custom bathroom mirror.

Size of the Vanity Mirror

One of the biggest factors that affect the proportion of your bathroom mirror is its overall size. First, the mirror should relate to the vanity below. Typically, your mirror should be slightly narrower that the vanity countertop on each side.

The size of your bathroom mirror will also relate to the wall you hang the mirror on. This principle is especially true when the mirror is separate from a vanity. If you stay within a traditional style, your mirror should be a smaller version of the wall with adequate visual space all around.

However, if you want a modern aesthetic, you may play with proportion. You may choose a geometric mirror that you hang in an asymmetrical location. You may also opt for a long, narrow mirror that cuts the wall into asymmetrical halves.

Single vs. Double Vanity

Another way that the vanity relates to the proportion of your mirror is in its configuration. Many homeowners opt for a double vanity when the master bathroom is a shared space.

In this case, you can choose to hang two identical mirrors over each sink. This setup is ideal if the vanity area is symmetrical. However, if the countertop is not symmetrical, you may consider the second option - a single oversized mirror. That way, the mirror covers the whole space without emphasizing the asymmetry. 

Mirror Shape

Bathroom mirrors usually come is square or rectangle, especially in traditional setups. Oval and round mirrors can be tricky because you lose visual space with the omission of the corners. So, from a utilitarian point of view, squares or rectangles are the best. What's more, because they echo the shape of the wall and vanity, maintaining the proportion is easier.

From an aesthetic point of view, ovals and circles do have those curves going for them. Arcs in any design speak to a classical beauty. Therefore, you can sacrifice some of the literal proportion to make room for the pleasing arches of the mirror.


With custom mirrors, you can also choose a custom frame. If you do opt for a frame, remember that it affects the proportion of the mirror related to the vanity and wall. You'll want to consider the size of the frame in relation to the visual weight it will add.

A very simple frame will not significantly affect the overall proportion of the mirror and its surroundings. However, if you choose a bold color, it will stand out. You may want a smaller mirror to keep it from overwhelming the vanity or the wall you hang the mirror on.

Elaborate frames greatly impact the visual weight of the mirror. A weighty frame can overpower a small vanity. You'll want to save these frames for larger vanities or for mirrors hanging alone. Indeed, a large, elaborately framed mirror could be a statement piece on any size of wall.

Mirror Edges

When you opt for a frameless mirror, you'll need to choose an edging for the glass. The edging can affect the visual proportion of the mirror. If you don't want the mirror to be the center of attention, choose a simple edge.

If your mirror space is large enough to handle more visual weight, consider one of the more elaborate edges. A beveled edge adds a little glimmer around the perimeter. Some of the fancy edges, like waterfall and ogee, give the perimeter the feel of a frame without quite the same visual weight.

Choose custom bathroom mirrors that complement your décor by staying in proportion. Let Kenny Glass Inc. provide a beautiful custom mirror for your bathroom.
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