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8 Gorgeous Ways to Use Custom-Cut Mirrors in Your Home

You probably know the benefits of using mirrors in your décor. Mirrors reflect, so they can pull pattern, shape, and color from an object on the other side of the room to the wall they're hanging on. They also reflect light back into the room, making it feel brighter and more open.
You can buy mirrors in any home décor store as well as in other places, such as flea markets. However, if you want décor that reflects your personal style, consider decorating with custom-cut mirrors. The following are some unique decorative uses for custom-cut mirrors.

Geometric Shapes

A hallmark of modern design is minimalizing items to their basic geometric shape. You could use custom-cut mirrors to create modern art on a blank wall. For example, have your glass company cut a series of uniform blocks for you to hang in a unique pattern. You could also introduce other shapes to your one-of-a-kind mirror wall art.

Enlarged Space

Because mirrors reflect whatever's opposite them, designers like to use mirrors to make a space feel larger. For example, you could have a mirror cut so it spans from floor to ceiling. Have this mirror installed so it reflects a doorway, hallway, or window. Place a small piece of furniture in front of the mirror. This organization will create the illusion that your room features much more space.

Stairway Reflection

Having a mirror reflect a stairway is an attractive décor placement. You could approach this placement one of two ways. One, you could place the mirror at the bottom of the stairway to expand that visual space. Two, you could place the mirror so that it reflects the beauty of the balustrade and the wall behind the stairway.

Fireplace Complement

A classic placement for mirrors is above a mantle. However, you can make this placement unique by having the mirror custom cut to match the dimensions of your fireplace. This way the mirror provides a counter to the visual weight of the fireplace. Consider having a custom frame that matches the style of the mantle itself for even more cohesion.

Wardrobe Panels

Mirrors aren't for walls alone. You can reap the benefits of mirrors by having them custom cut to fit your closet or wardrobe. Not only does this visually enlarge the room, it also gives the luxurious feel of a dressing room.

Custom Tabletop

Mirrors don't have to be vertical. You can still get beautiful light and object reflection by having a custom table made. Start with a pedestal that matches the style in the room. Have the mirror cut into any shape that will complement the décor - a round tabletop is classic for side tables. Place the custom table where it reflects lights, and top it with objets d'art.

Bathroom Vanity Top

Going along with that idea, you can also have a mirror custom cut to provide a top for your bathroom vanity. Naturally, mirrors are much-used in the bathroom, but they're usually on the wall. By replacing a traditional vanity top with a mirrored one, you give your bathroom a unique ambience.

Patio Adornment

Another unusual way to use a mirror is to take it outdoors. A custom mirror can be a beautiful addition to your patio. You could have it finished with a frame that matches your patio's style, such as an ornate frame for an old world patio. Conversely, you could have the mirror installed as a backdrop for an outdoor kitchen, giving the space the feel of a chef's kitchen.
Get creative in how you think about decorating with mirrors. With custom-cut mirrors and frames, you can promote the ambience of any style of room. When you're ready to enhance the beauty of your décor, visit the glass and mirror specialists at Kenny Glass Inc.

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