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5 Ways to Use Custom Glass Around a Swimming Pool

Modern pool in loft bathroom
You already know that glass, especially custom glass, can be a big aesthetic advantage inside the house. The clean look creates a sophisticated appeal, while the material itself reflects light into your rooms. Customized glass can also add beauty and even some utility around your swimming pool area.

1. Customized Water Feature

If the ultimate goal is to harness the beauty of reflective surfaces and sunlight, consider a custom water feature. For example, you could have a glass waterfall designed for your pool. Typically, glass waterfalls consist of a glass wall with a pipe hidden at the top. The pipe releases water in a sheath down the face of the glass.

Such a waterfall would look beautiful at one end of the pool with water spilling into the pool itself. However, you could also use such a waterfall as a focal point in the landscaping around the pool. For example, you could place the waterfall near a planter containing tropical plants. That way, you get the textural and colorful beauty of the plants next to the shimmering waterfall.

2. Cutaway Wall for a Multi-Tiered Pool

Another idea is to incorporate glass into the swimming pool design itself. One of the most stunning designs for a swimming pool includes a cutaway wall. As the name suggests, a cutaway wall involves part of the pool being cut away to reveal the depth of the water. Naturally, it's glass that holds the pool water at bay.

Such a cutaway wall works best with a multi-tiered swimming pool. In this case, you'd have the pool on one tier. Below the cutaway wall might be a fountain, planter, or sun deck. You can also have the cutaway wall be part of a raised spa that spills into the swimming pool. When deciding which wall to cut away, try to orient it so the effect creates the most drama in your landscape.

3. Privacy Wall for an Outdoor Shower

Outdoor showers are one of the new trends in swimming pool design. If your intention is simply to rinse off after a swim, an open shower is enough. However, if you want to actually bathe outside, you'll need privacy. Here's where customized glass comes into play.

Choose heavy-duty glass that's heavily frosted or otherwise patterned. Contractors can install these glass panels as privacy walls for your outdoor shower. They can even layer two or three as an entrance for increased privacy.

4. Windows in a Cabana

Another trend for pool complexes is adding a cabana. Naturally, a cabana affords you shade. However, a cabana can also serve as a gathering spot for guests and the family or even a lounge room. While you could have a simple hut-style cabana built, many homeowners opt for sturdier structures.

Create versatility in your pool cabana with windows. In fact, your cabana can become an open-faced sun room with windows on the backs and sides. You could even design the cabana with folding glass walls and doors so you can open it up or enclose the exterior depending on the weather.

5. Countertop for a Swim-Up Bar

Swim-up bars date back to the glamour days of Las Vegas when hotels built such bars to keep guests gambling while enjoying their gorgeous pools. A swim-up bar in a residential pool is a useful addition for allowing swimmers and sunbathers to mingle over drinks or snacks.

As part of your swim-up bar design, replace a traditional tile or concrete countertop with custom glass. With customized glass, you can choose any shape, including freeform. Using glass also allows you to incorporate creative features such as LED lighting. A glass countertop for your swim-up bar will hearken back to the glam days of Vegas.

Get creative and utilize customized glass around your swimming pool area. The glass experts at Kenny Glass Inc. can make your visions come true.
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